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Jobhunter Support Services

1.Career Counselling and Coaching

  • Are you successfully managing your career?
  • Do you want to make a career change?
  • Would you like to achieve a better work-life balance?
  • Do you want to accelerate your career progression?
  • Are you thinking of going back to work after a career break?

At HUNTER.MU we work with you to resolve your career dilemmas  helping you to develop a satisfying and rewarding career which successfully forms part with the rest of your life.

We offer career coaching, advice and support. Our style is professional, friendly and encouraging.

Our team of psychologists and coaches, will draw on our personal experiences of working in demanding business careers, of successfully changing career and of seeking a balance between work and family life.

For more information, contact us on +230 261 2901 or email us at jobhunter@hunter.mu.

2. Customised / Competency Based Resumes

A ‘winning CV’ enables you to better sell your skills, competencies and experiences to secure a better job which matches your passion and career objectives.

The quality of your resume could well mean the difference between a good job, an ordinary job, or worst of all, no job! Your resume is your first, and often, the only opportunity to make an impression.

Our goal will be to develop a Competency Based CV which powerfully presents your true worth as well as your set of core competencies.

For more information, contact us on +230 261 2901 or email us at jobhunter@hunter.mu.

3. Competency Assessment

Unique in Mauritius, our Competency Assessment (Bilan de Compétences) service enables you to discover the competencies you excel at and which you need to develop.

This is a perfect opportunity for you to discover your ‘job fit’.

We use world class assessment tools and structured interviews to identify your key competencies. Through our competency assessment center, our competency assessors will take you through specific behavioral based tests and interviews. Eventually providing you with a report relating your competencies and addressing gaps, if any.

Our experts are here to guide you along the path of success.

For more information, contact us on +230 261 2901 or email us at jobhunter@hunter.mu.

4. Job Interview Excellence

Our Career Psychologists will provide you professional assistance on how to dealwith various interview situations and you will be more accustomed to the type of situations and questions that will be asked during your interview.
Your resume gets you in the door—but the interview gets you the job. Feel confident about your skills during this crucial part of the hiring process.

For avail of the above services or for more information, contact or book a meeting with our Career Consultants today by calling on +230 261 2901 or email us at jobhunter@hunter.mu.




1. Our vast experience

We have been directly serving jobseekers for over 5 years in providing support in getting them connected with employers, re-skilling them to increase their opportunities to be employed in a much wider variety of sectors and job positions as well as providing professional career counselling  and coaching services

2. A designated Consultant

We believe in a more personalised service and thus provide you with a designated consultant who will keep track of your requests.

3. A personalised consultation

We spend time assessing your job needs and we put together a tailored list of questions specific to you. This will enable us to collect the most relevant information to provide you customised services therefore increasing your professional visibility to employers.